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If you are running an online campaign, and you need an innovative solution that guarantees total user engagement and viral marketing, then personalized video campaigns is exactly what you need

Personalized videos technology allows users to customize videos or ads by entering their own data (photos/name/messages ...). This data becomes a part of the video story, creating a specific costumed version for each user. Users share their personalized Videos/Ads with their friends either by e-mail or through social network sites. The impact on the recipients will be so high because they will get videos personalized videos with their friend’s data.


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Personalized video technology combines the power
of two strong marketing concepts:

Word of Mouth:
People share a video or ad, which has their personal data inside, with their online communities. This results in a higher impact on the recipient.
Viral Marketing:
The technology allows recipients to personalize and share their own video version as well; this creates waves of viral marketing across different social media platforms.

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