Our Culture

Who we are

This is what we daily invest in

“Arkdevians have great ability to fight storms
and to dance under their rain”

We invested a lot of years in building and maintaining a great working place with a unique culture that combines total freedom and extreme discipline in one place. We don’t monitor our team activities, we don’t block Facebook and we allow flexible working hours. At times, managers force younger team members to leave office because it is getting too late.
We are blessed to have a two-story office, with a nice roof to place our tennis table, our multi gym machine and to daily practice workout from 1:00 till 1:30 pm. When it comes to our duties we work hard and 100% focused on accomplishing our given tasks. We devote ourselves to guarantee extreme customer satisfaction.

This unique culture is the result of our continuous training
and improvement programs at Arkdev
Weekly Meetings:
We meet each week to discuss company challenges at glance and to share our lessons learned and work experiences.
Group Reading:
We read business, leadership, strategy and self-development books together (and yes, sometimes stories!)
Open Door Policy:
The youngest member in the company has the full rights to request a meeting with the CEO anytime.
Equal Voice Strategy:
We encourage frontline employees to participate in the decision-making and setting directions for the company.
Leadership with no Title:
Each member’s role is so valued, regardless of his/her position in the company.
Our culture identifies us as “Arkdevians”, it is the second coin face of our brand.
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