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If you own exclusive media content and you seek a professional online presence; then a free-hosted channel will not fulfill your needs.

Your exclusive content requires an exclusive solution: Your own media portal which allows you full control over the display of your content and maximizes your revenue accordingly.

Expand viewer base through Multi-Lingual Support.

Take full control over your content.

Reserve your corporate brand through your own custom player.

Manage featured content and minimize cross links that direct users to other sites or channels.

Retain users through internal and external Social Networking features.

Build your own subscibers Database.

Get 100% of your Ads revenue.

Create custom Social Plug-ins and position them the way you want.

Screenshot taken from the magnificent site Elgomhoreya TV, that we developed with the collaboration of our great partner and friends at Core Virtual
Your own media portal, whether built over YouTube
or using a private hosting platform will:
And with the use of built-in-house Social Network features, you will have your own community that makes your subscribers enjoy communicating with each other and creating groups and events, in a way similar to facebook, but within your customized portal.
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