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  • Understand in details the company vision, strategy and objectives. Break those objectives into required competencies on the individual level.
  • Monitor new trends in the Software industry, and define competencies that need to be internally developed and their related courses or training methods.
  • Develop the internal Employee KPI system including all measures required for assessment. Conducting bi-annual assessment for each company member.
  • Build training plans for newly hired employees with a mix of internal trainings and external trainings.
  • Develop an individual growth plan for each member in the company, avail all resources (trainings, internal projects, certifications materials, ..) to make those growth plans achievable.
  • Monitor closely the progress of each member in achieving their goals, and attach their growth to the internal Employee KPI.
  • Monitor closely (daily basis) the allocation of each member, the quality of reporting on the company time tracking system, the quality of the daily-standup meeting reporting, etc.
  • Ensure the reporting hours for each member follows the company general policy, taking into consideration self-development time and training time.
  • Attend PMs Meetings, solve resources time conflicts, forecast the company load for the upcoming week, month and quarter.
  • Resolve personal conflicts, ensure team harmony and total adherence with the company core values and culture.
  • Build, monitor and elevate the company skills matrix.
  • Define recruitment needs, allocate channels for recruitments. Head-hunt special resources when needed.
  • Develop, with the company management, a quarterly plan for the company general weekly meetings.
  • Manage the entire onboarding plans including training, internal tasks development, pair programming methodologies and others.
  • Be extremely attentive to any work condition that can cause a pain to a member or a team, either resolve or escalate immediately to the company CEO.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering (preferred) or Highly Experienced HR specialist who worked previously in the software industry.
  • Passionate about people growth.
  • Ability to wear the two hats leader/manager) : 'Manage by mind, lead by heart'
  • Passion about numbers, dashboards, systems for monitoring and other tracking methods.
  • Very high communication skills.
  • High Responsibility and Self Discipline.
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