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Hear the voice of your front-line employees

is a practical framework which leverages best-practice management methods to facilitate the way your organization does business. Our all-encompassing approach incorporates project management, strategic planning, organizational learning, knowledge management, communications and strategic alignment.
TAQAT uses social business tools to encourage junior employees who are at the frontlines to participate in the decision making processes of the company. They usually have greater insight into some of the company growth obstacles than middle and senior management, but their message gets distorted by the line managers.

TAQAT Benefits

Integrated Management Framework

TAQAT- being an integrated management framework - adds an exceptional value to business owners & young entrepreneurs by providing them with a single tool that organizes and structures their business in a perfect way and early at the start.

Strategic Planning & Execution

TAQAT transforms the “dreams” of business owners to “Systematic” and “Well defined” plans for growth by allowing them to define Objectives across all departments and create their associated Strategic Projects.

Knowledge Management

TAQAT provides the way to your team to share their accumulated experiences and spread their know-how across the company. This documented experience will grow day by day and will become one of your main company assets.

Virtual Office Structure

TAQAT creates an online central pool of communication. Whether employees are sitting in the same room or in different continents it doesn’t matter. TAQAT allows business owners to even manage free-lancers in the same way they manage their own staff.

Culture of innovation

TAQAT allows each employee to express what he/she sees without the message getting distorted by the line managers. This equal voice strategy increases employee's loyalty, providing them with a framework to share ideas, identify problems and better-define opportunities.

Foundation of Growth

Through its “Job-roles management” module, TAQAT structures the company in a way that is based on documented roles not on Key employees; this allows smooth expansion when needed by minimizing training needs for newly hired staff.

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